Ads shown in your app are part of your content and you are responsible for any violations.

Ads in your app must not violate the terms of Cafe Bazaar Content Policy, including those concerning illegal activities, violence, sexually explicit content, or privacy violations.

This is a violation of Cafe Bazaar policy:

Annoying Ads

Ads that interfere the functionality of your app or force the user to click on them are not acceptable.

The following guidelines can help you:


Display your ads within your UI: If possible, display ads only within your app's UI. This leads to a better user experience and helps avoid policy violations.

Don't make changes outside of the app without consent: Ads must not make changes outside of the app without the user's full knowledge and consent

Notification ads are prohibited: Your app (or its components or derivative elements) may not use system level notifications and alerts containing ads unless the notifications are part of the explicit feature set of the app.

Don't add shortcuts, bookmarks, or icons: Your app and its ads must not add home screen shortcuts, browser bookmarks, or icons on the user's device as a service to third parties or for advertising purposes.

Deceptive Ads

Apps that artificially increase the number of impressions or click-throughs of ads will be rejected. Ads must not simulate or impersonate the user interface of any app, or notification and warning elements of an operating system. Your app must not display any ad that attempts to impersonate or represent a system function or UI component.

Below guidelines can help you:


No fake app UI notifications: Ads should not impersonate the interface of an application for advertising purposes.

No fake system dialogs or warnings: Any ad that presents itself as a system dialog or warning and asks for user input is in violation of Cafe Bazaar policies.

No fake app updates: Ads should not impersonate system UI for app updates.