1.1Keyword spam

For publishing an app on Cafe Bazaar, you have to pay special attention to your app's title and description. These fields are important because they make your app recognizable to users, and they help to drive downloads by highlighting what's great about your app. A memorable title and compelling description are essential to effective marketing, but you should realize that these must follow Cafe Bazaar policies, just like your app's content.

Many developers unknowingly violate spam policy in their app titles and descriptions in ways that are easy to avoid. In general, you can avoid spam violations in your app title and description by following these best practices:

  • Let users know what's great about your app: Share interesting and exciting facts about your app with users. Help users understand what makes your app special.
  • Describe your app accurately: Make sure the title and description describe the app function and user experience accurately.
  • Don't use repetitive keywords: Using repetitive or excessive keywords is against our policy.
  • Don't use irrelevant keywords or references: Your description should not be loaded with irrelevant keywords in an attempt to manipulate ranking or relevancy. Using keywords like Sale, Special discount, Gift, etc. is not allowed.
  • Keep it brief: Keep the description succinct and straightforward. Shorter descriptions tend to give a better user experience on devices with smaller displays.


Here's an example app title and description that follows best practices and does not violate Cafe Bazaar spam policies.

Below sections highlight common types of policy violations in an app title and description, illustrated with variations on the best practice example.

1.1.1 Repetitive keywords

Your app description should not include keywords that are repetitive or excessive.


1.1.2 Repetitive keywords:

The title or description should not be loaded with irrelevant keywords in an attempt to manipulate ranking or relevancy in Cafe Bazaar search results.

For example, if your app has nothing to do with Angry Birds then it shouldn’t be included in your description. Using fake words to attract users to your app or referring to keywords like “Gift”, “Sale” or “Discount” is against the rules. Also, do not add highly searched, irrelevant keywords that are unrelated to the function of the app. This is in breach of policy.

Please do not include user testimonials in your app description. Let your users speak for themselves via comment review system.


1.1.3 Excessive detail, references to your other apps:

Your app description should avoid excessive detail and references to your other apps or products. For example, you should not list all of the details of content included in the app or its various components, as shown in the example below. Also, the description should not include any references to other apps you’ve published unless the current app will be a demo version and you want to reference to the full version of your app.


1.1.4 Other product or brand names in app titles:

Your app's title shouldn't use other products' branding or names at the start of your app title without prior permission of the brand or name owner. This implies association and can be misleading for users.

  • If you are publishing a different version of an open source App it’s necessary to mention “Unofficial” in the App title.  
  • If you are developing an app with the same functionality that other apps have; you cannot choose same app title like the others.