You can manage your apps, payments and contact Bazaar and the users, all through this panel. The details and explanations are as below.


Overview the Status and Sales of Apps

In the first tab, named “Apps”, you can overview the publish status of the apps, their prices, number of invoices and their Rial amounts, approximate installations and user ratings of your apps separately. Installations number are calculated approximately but the number of invoices is exact. You can easily manage each of your apps by clicking on them.


Publish a New App

In the first tab, named “Apps”, you can upload new apps by clicking on "New App" button. The file format must be apk and other formats such as zip or rar are not acceptable. After clicking on “Submit” and completing the information about your app in “Information” and "Media" tab, click on “Request App Publish” button near the app's icon in the top. Your app will will be released in few days. If your app needs any kind of modification or is against Bazaar conditions, an email explaining the details will be sent to you. Please read the email before reuploading your app or any action. If you didn’t receive the email, check the spams. Please pay attention that we contact you through the email you register in Bazaar with, not the email you entered in developers panel which is used for you to contact your apps users.


Updating Information

You can always update the information about the apps you’ve uploaded before.

Basic Information

Just click on the app’s name in the first tab named “Applications” and then in the app page click on “Information” tab. In “Basic Information” part, you can change your app's basic info(Name, description and category). This part fields are necessary to be filled. Please pay attention that apps' names are unique and an app with a repetitive name can’t be published in Bazaar. Another point that you should notice is that, you won't be able to change the category of your application once it's published. So, make sure to choose the right category at the first place.


You can change your app’s price in "Pricing" part in “Information” tab. Click on “Change Price” to save the new price. Notice that it's forbidden to change the free app that once were published to paid app.

Apps prices will be changed automatically.

User Support Information

It's possible to update the ways your app users contact you from “User Support Information” part.

Your number, email address and website are used to make users of your app able to contact you. It's neccesery to enter email address in this part.

These information will be showen in your app page, enabling users to contact you.


In “Media” tab, you can manage your app media (Including icon, screenshots and video). Please notice that uploading an icon and at least 5 screenshots is necessary.

Video for apps is token as an aparat link.

App Publish Request

After completing app information and uploading packages you want, send us your app publish reques. You can do this by clicking on “App Publish Request” in top bar.

App states

The apps can have different states:

  • Uploaded: You've just uploaded your app and haven't clicked on "publish request" button yet.
  • You've clicked on "Cancel app publish request" button or "unpublish" button.
  • Pending publication: App is waiting to be processed for publishing, this might take up to 5 working days. (Thursdays and Fridays are not working days)
  • Needs changes: In order to publish your app, you need to make some changes which been sent to you by email.
  • Rejected: Your app was rejected for violating our publishing guideline. You could check your inbox to find more detail.
  • Removed: An app that has been published before, but it's unpublished by Bazaar now.
  • Ready to publish: An app which is ready to be published.
  • Published: An app which is published on Bazaar and users have access to it.


Automatic/Manual Publishing

Your app will be automatically published on Cafebazaar after publishing process. If you want to manually publish your app, deactive auto publish when requesting app publish; or after send your app publish request, click on “Cancel Automatic Publishing” button in app page. After that you can publish your app anytime you desire.

To manually publish an app, click on “Publish App” button in app page. Note that due to syncing delays among Cafebazaar servers it may take up to 1 hour to see your app in Bazaar.

If you want to get back to “Automatic Publishing” mode, click on “Enable Automatic Publishing” button in app page.


Publish New Versions

For uploading a new version of your app, choose your app from the app list in the first tab named “Applications”. In the app page choose tab “Packages” and after that click on the “New Package” button. Fill in the “Changelog” boxes, which are the descriptions about the features of your app’s new version.

Please pay attention that the new version’s package name should be the same as the previous one and its version code should be more.


Unpublish a Published App

If you want to unpublish a published app of yours, you can go to your app page by clicking on it's name in “Applications” tab and click on “Unpublish App” at the top of the page.

If you need to publish it again, you can click again on “Request App Publish” in app page.

Notice that the app will not be published in first page and the published time will be like before removing. And when you unpublish an app and request app publish again, so these will take time for your app to be published again.


Archive an App

After unpublishing your app or when you just uploaded it and not requested app review yet (in “Uploaded” state from app states), if you want to no longer see the app in apps list in your panel, you can archive it. To do this, click “Archive App” from the top bar. Consider that archiving an app will cut off all your accesses to it and it will be removed from your apps list. Also, you can't use archived apps' Package Names in your new apps.


Manage Comments

You can choose each of your published apps and by clicking on “Comments” tab you get access to the users comments, with some information including SDK vesion, the version of your app that the comment is about, exact time of the comment. You can reply them and your responses will be sent to their email addresses but won't display in app page in Bazaar. You can only reply published comments.

You can also report the inappropriate comments. Consider that comments againts your app are not necessarily inappropriate.



You can choose each of your published apps and by clicking on “Statistics” tab you can observe the related diagram and stats. You can see your app's active installations, total sales and invoices (for non-free apps) and ratings in the left side of the page. Also daily active installation diagram is showed.

As you can see, downloads counts, daily installs counts, and active installs counts are different. Downloads counts is always increasing and doesn’t give you very useful information. So we chose to make use of daily installs counts and active installs counts instead. Daily installs counts helps you to understand how many android devices have your app installed on them on a certain date. Also, we count an install active, if its corresponding device has been connected to the internet at least one in past two monthes.


You can always check out more accure statistics in “Sales & Finance” tab in developers's panel.


In-App Purchase

In-app Billing is a Bazaar service that lets you sell digital content from inside your applications. You can use the service to sell a wide range of content, including downloadable content such as media files or photos, virtual content such as game levels or potions, premium services and features, and more. To help you integrate in-app billing into your application, a documentation is provided here.


In-App Advertisement (Adad)

By choosing any of your apps and clicking on “advertisement” tab, you will be led to advertise your app in Adad. You can also register as a media and show ads on your free apps and make money.

As a developer, you can monetize your app without any marketing or negotiating in Adad. Adad is the first mobile ad network platform that operates and targets in Iran and Persian speaking countries. Adad has access to more than millions of local users in Iran. International brands such as LG, Sony and Samsung which have local branches in Iran have made some success stories in Adad. By activating Adad advertisement in your app, you can easily make money by just showing ads. You can also advertise your app on other free apps and attract more users.


Manage Your Developer Account

In the second tab named “Developer Account” you can manage your developer account info.

Public Profile

You can edit public information about your developer account in “Public Profile” part. This information consist of name and website. Your name and last name that are displayed in app page in Bazaar, should be filled out in this page.

Each user depends on his/her prefer language, will see your info in English or Farsi, so please pay attention to compeleting your info in both languages.

Contract Information

“Contract Information” part leads you to your contract with Bazaar

Developer ID

Cafebazaar’s “Developer ID” is a unique string, selected by developer only once and forever. Using this ID, a developer can refer to his/her page on Bazaar app and/or Cafebazaar website.

For instance, if the “Developer ID” of a developer is example; his/her page can be accessed at:

In this page, the list of applications published by the developer will be shown. To get started with using this ID for referring to the list of your apps in Bazaar app read Bazaar’s Intent Guide.

You can determine your developer ID in “Developer ID” part. Please note that your chosen ID must be similar to your Public Profile’s English name and must be approved by Cafebazaar. The review process of approving an ID may take up to 2 working days.

Rules of creating Cafebazaar Developer ID:

  • The selected ID can only contain lower case english letters (a-z), digits (0-9), dashes(-) and underscores (_).

  • The selected ID must not be less than 5 characters long.

  • The selected ID must be similar to your Developer Public Profile Name. Irrelevant IDs will be rejected.


Sales and Finance

In third tab titled “Sales & Finance”, you can manage sales and finance issues.

Sale Statistics and Reports

“Sale Statistics & Reports” part enables you to get more accure statics from your apps and products.


“Settlement” part leads you to settlements page where you can follow details of your settlement with Bazaar. Also you can see more information about your contract in “Notes” tab.



In forth tab, “Support”, you can ask your questions from developers' support team of Bazaar.



You can find out about “Linking to Bazaar's apps”, “Checking if app is up-to-date” and other Bazaar services in the fifth tab, named “Documentations”.


Bazaar's First Page’s App Lists

  • Week’s Best Selling: this list is calculated automatically and based on last seven days sells.
  • Iranians: this list includes the apps which have Persian or Iranian contents.
  • Featured Apps: the apps in this list are chosen based on users’ responses, comments, rating stars and Bazaar’s criteria. The ordering in this list is random.
  • Featured Games: the games in this list are chosen based on users’ responses, comments, rating stars and Bazaar’s criteria. The ordering in this list is random.
  • Trending Apps: this list is calculated based on users’ responses, number of sells/downloads and comments, automatically.


Please pay attention that themes and wallpapers don’t have the priority to be shown in these lists. The apps cannot be put in these lists manually. we recommend you to use Adad for more effective advertisements and more sells.



You can refer to some frequently asked questions which many developers face, here.


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