Whenever we talk about content, it includes all in app database, program codes (Source Code), package name, app name and description, text and photos, audio and video, in-app ads, in-app products, and more. Also, the developer account information displayed to users is also part of the content. The content of the app must comply with all laws and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran, including "list of instances of criminal content".
Criminal Content: Programs should not in any way teach or display criminal behavior or encourage and demand crime and lawlessness or unrestrained behavior.

Examples include:

- Illegal or inconsiderate use of weapon
- Ideas for suicide and violent acts
- Smoking, alcohol or illicit drugs
- Buy and sell prescription drugs without medical prescription
- Malicious computer training such as penetration, hacking, and spyware
- programs containing tutorials on filtering bypass, satellite antenna instalment or launching internet based satellite cable TV
- Gambling and betting
- Malware and spyware development tutorial
- Training to disrupt programs functionality
- Monetization methods through illegal ways such as pyramid firms
- Possibility to forge information such as fake locators, spoofing users' device information, making phone calls or texting and fake MMS. Calling goals of such programs as joking will not result in publishing them.
- Commercial publication of audiovisual works without the permission of the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance.

Content contradicting Public Morality: The content of the apps should not be contrary to the public morality or values ​​of the community.

Examples include:

- Any insult, defamation, ridicule towards relatives, customs of ethnicities, groups, governments, religions, sects, languages ​​and dialects, persons, races and other cases

- Any content which results in discrimination, disagreement or separation between a specific category of people, such as racial and ethnic discrimination

- Promoting superstition, false beliefs and rumors

- Encourage or teach demolition of person and group

- Any threatening content

- Fraud possibility or training

- Any content aimed at harassing others

Violent Content: There is no possibility of publishing which displays any violent content against humans or animals which causes maim, injury, the effects of torture or harm, or encourages harm, harassment, and violent behavior against others in CafeBazaar.

Examples include:

- Displaying or training violence against children and abuse them

- Any training which may be harmful to others, such as the training making fireworks

Scary or horrendous Content: The content or main application of the apps should not be in the way of creating fear and panic, such as the narrative of real criminal incidents. Of course, in cases where the content of the program has a fiction and entertainment aspect, and it does not report a reality, it probably will not be a problem.

Sensitizing Content: We intend to support mobile apps and avoid controversy. If you want to speak or criticize politics, religion or sect, you can write a book. Programs’ content should not be sensitizing, suspicious or dubious about religions, cultures, peoples, nationalities, and governments. Also, there are no place for issues like sexual relations, marital issues, freemasonry, Satanism, and many other sensitizing issues in the Café Bazaar.

For example:

- "enemies" inside the game should not clearly refer to a particular culture, group, government, clique, government, regime and company.

Harmful and Dangerous content: The program and its contents should not harm user's device or interfere with the functionality of other programs.

User-generated content: Programs that user can contribute to the production of content requires a specific structure to monitor content before it is published and to allow users to report inappropriate content and block harassing and trespassing users.

Content Update: Changes to the program after its release should not be done in such a way as to change the nature of the content or application of app.