If your developer account has been suspended, you will not have access to it for 30 days. Repeating offense after the designated period will result in the permanent closure of your account.

Any reconsideration of the case is possible only if Bazaar has made a mistake.

Account closure:

If your developer account has been suspended for transgression, you will not be able to publish a new app on Cafe Bazaar. In such a case, depending on the circumstances, the users’ payments may be refunded to them. The “Release” status of the entire apps published on that account will also be terminated. Under such circumstances if you attempt signing up a new developer account, the new account will also be closed if identified; and its clearance operations will not be performed.

Reconsidering the case will be possible only if Cafe Bazaar has made a mistake.

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Publish Date: 1400-04-11 16:16

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