Program Suspension and Removal:

If your account is not blocked and the program is suspended, you can make the necessary modifications and, upon termination of suspension, submit a request for re-examination of application. In this case, the violating program is suspended for 2 to 7 days and will be re-examined after submitting the request. Note that the application may be permanently deleted if the suspension termination request is submitted before making necessary changes.

If your application is in "Deleted" mode, the decision is final and there is no way to re-publish the program.

Note that the fact that Bazaar rules are followed by other developers or not is not related to your program violation and that revision of this case may only occur if there is a mistake from Bazaar side.

Repeating violation and observing serious violations (such as spread of malware, any cheating or publishing programs harmful to user or his device) will block your development account. Note that executive declarations may not include all program bugs or all your programs. The developer is obliged to diagnose the bug by studying the rules of Bazaar and ensure that his other programs do not violate Bazaar rules. Failure to recognize the application bugs may permanently cause in removing the program or blocking your account.

If you see an infringement in other programs, you can send us a link for review.


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