Please make sure your app does not violate any Intellectual Property law of Islamic Republic of Iran, but not limited to industrial property rights, patents and trademarks and literary property rights mentioned in "Law for the Protection rights of authors and artists". These are referring to the right of the author to literary, artistic and scientific work under their name and their exclusive right to reproduce, manufacture, supply, implementation and operation of the work.

- Contents published on the websites or any media, even if it’s free to use, can still be of intellectual property right.

- Giving content references in apps is mandatory. All app resources must be stated, such as URLs and book titles along with the author’s and, when needed, the translator’s name.

A common misunderstanding is believing that your app may use copyrighted content without permission, provided that you clearly indicate that your app is not the "official", familiar app to the users. That is not the case. Even if you let users know your app is "unofficial" and mention it in your app name and description, you may still be violating the law. 

- If the content is copyrighted, acquiring consent of the owner is the developer’s responsibility. For instance providing the consent from web sites, providing publication approval from publisher or writer is necessary. To use “Iran” fonts, for instance, you need to put the 5 digits code and read the terms and conditions on

- If you use open source libraries, please make sure you read the license properly before use. 

- Apps must not share installation file of other apps without considering the right of the owner.

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid copyright policy violations:


Respect copyright laws: Do not let your app infringe on the copyrights of others. That includes linking to other apps or websites that contain obviously infringing material, and/or using icons or images that are obvious infringements.


Know your app content: Before you publish your app, look for contents that may be protected by trademark or copyrighted in your app and get legal advice, if necessary. Protected work could typically include product names, brands, images, music, and similar works.


Create original work: If you’re not sure whether something will violate another party's right, the safest approach is to create something that's completely original and created by yourself. When you create your own content, you don’t have to worry about infringing on existing copyright.


Ask permission to use copyrighted work: If you want to use another party's copyrighted work in your app, you should ask for permission from the copyright owner and include appropriate copyright attribution.

The example below shows an app that uses screenshots/images of known artists without their authorization and also lists popular songs. The combination of these may induce users to download music ringtones that infringe on copyright.


This is a violation of CafeBazaar policy: