Impersonation occurs when a program without a true connection attempts to portray itself as a program, organization or someone else. This may also occur unwittingly and in the event that the content of the program creates an impression of existence of an official contract between the parties.

If you use the brand, icon, or name of other program to introduce your program and create a sense for user that the program has been developed by the same entity and has quality and content similar to those of the other program developed by the same entity, then this is considered as impersonate of a developer and its program and considered a violation by virtue of Café Bazaar laws.

If there is no formal contract or approval, do not pretend that the institution or organization has approved your application or the program is linked to another group or institution, no matter what type of program you are offering or what motivation you have.

The following guidelines can help you:

- Programs in their content use any form of name or trademark of organizations, clubs, sites, programs or the names of natural and legal persons and ..., they do need to earn permission from them.

- Do not pretend to be someone else. If you are not the official representative of a company, organization or third party, do not pretend that the content of your application has been created by them.

- If the use of name or trademarks of others is in ordinary level and in accordance with the terms of use and fair treatment, it is necessary to explicitly state the "informal" nature of the program and its non-attribution to the owner of the name or trademark.

- The sale or supply of foreign, Iranian and any translated or manipulated versions of programs in the name on in favor of another developer isn’t possible.

- Do not support the offending sites and programs. Do not move user to sites that violate Bazaar rules or introduce themselves as a program or organization.

- Do not use the name and icon of other programs. Do not use the name of the person, organization or product of others in the name and description of your application (without permission from them).

Using Name of Other Apps

If the name of a program is known or recorded, you are not allowed to use this name (without permission from its owner) in the title of your application, as this may be misleading for user. For example:

Proper naming method:


- If you publish a different version of an open source application, you need to mention its informality in the title of the program.

- If the application you developed has the same functionality as other existing programs, you need to use the new name.


Identity Authentication and Formality: Artists, companies, organizations, government departments, banks, sites and blogs, events, conferences, events and more are required to be authenticated before publishing their programs at Café Bazaar.

- authentication of people can be done through communicating through requesting website domain official email, providing an officially signed and stamped letter and other documents that will be asked of them.