Comments and ratings of program are a standard criteria to measure its quality and user's decision to get the program depends on their authenticity. As a developer, you should not penetrate your app comments or other developers’ programs (by writing fake comments, giving unrealistic points or placing unwanted content).

In order to know the problems of users with the program, it is necessary to regularly review your comments and rates, focus your comments on main problem of program, and refrain from asking for a higher rating from user.

Fake Ratings and Comments

To ensure the quality of comments and ratings, Bazaar is sensitive to the way they operate and how they are requested. Note that any manipulation of comments to change the position of program in Bazaar is a violation.

Request a Comment from User

Avoid providing any incentive to receive comments. It is against the rules to persuade user to comment against prize and other incentives, or to make dependent to promote program with a comment, or to force user to submit a comment. The subsequent requests from user to post comment is also against the rules.

It is allowed to request a comment from user if it is not persuading him to submit a positive one.

For example: "If you like this game, you can submit your own comment on Bazaar"
 On the other hand, using sentences such as "Receive 500 coins by leaving 5 comments" or “rate 5 stars and get 500 coins" is against the rules and the developer will be addressed in the event of such issues.