Thank you for spending your time on developing Android apps. Working in this area has produced good yield for thousands of developers, both in terms of audience engagement and financial condition. We love our work and respect what you do andput our effort into providing the most effective and best platform for you, to reveal your talents and abilities

Your cooperation agreement at CafeBazaar has been made through a contract which you have verified as a developer when signing up. The purpose of this document is to help you familiarize with the program's production principles at café Bazaar, rather than modifying, removing the material or condition in the contract or any other contract that deals with Bazaar cooperation and interaction with you.

This document is under development and due to changing circumstances, new laws may be added or modified at any time. These changes may include your apps in the future. Please review this document occasionally because you have accepted these rules by publishing your app on Bazaar. In the event of a violation on your side, Bazaar has no obligation to send notice before dealing with the violation.

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