If the content owned by you in accordance with the copyright laws is published without your consent and confirmation, please inform us via the email address “developers@cafebazaar.ir” in the following format: Bazaar will carefully review your complaint, and, if the complaint applies, makes the content in question unavailable.

To check the copyright issues, it is required to send us required information in the following format:

  1.  The copyright work holder name.
  2. Contact information, including your name, contact number and email address. (If you do not own copyright, please describe your relationship with the original owner)
  3. Describe: (a) the exact list of content you are complaining about its publishing and its placing in the program. (B) Registration number and content permissions, if any.
  4. Explain the application's link on Bazaar, its name, the version number (if applicable) and the publisher's name.
  5. Add this sentence: "I am sure that the work copyright owner does not allow the publication of the content mentioned in the program and the developer of program is not allowed to use it in accordance with the law"
  6. Add this statement: "hereby I declare that I have permission to act on this on copyright owner behalf and the content of this report is true and correct."
  7. Write to the address “developers@cafebazaar.ir”.

If the publisher violates the copyright laws repeatedly, Bazaar will block their developer account. If you believe that the developer violates the rules repeatedly, please send us sufficient information to address the issue.