To demonstrate goodwill to owners of trademarks, Bazaar will conduct limited investigations into reasonable complaints. If you believe a trademark has been misused in an app, please report it to in the manner mentioned below.

For your complaint to be considered, you need to provide us with the below information in the mentioned format:

1. Name of owner of trademark

2. Contact info, including your name, phone number, and email address (if you are not the owner of the trademark, please indicate your relationship with the owner).

3. Explain: a. The list of concerned trademark(s) and where they are placed in an app; or any further explanation. b. The registration number for that trademark (if existing).

4. The link to the app in Bazaar, the app name, version number (if needed), and name of publisher.

5. Add the following statement: I am sure that the owner of this trademark does not allow using it in the above app, neither is the developer authorized to use it under law.

6. Add the following statement: Hereby I announce that I am authorized by the owner of the trademark to take action on this and that the content of this report is real and correct.

7. Correspond via

In case the publisher of the app has repeatedly violated the law, Bazaar will block their developer account. If you believe that a developer repeatedly violates the law, please provide us with ample information for consideration.