Bazaar attempts to prevent unauthorized sale and distribution of Iranian and foreign-developed apps. If you run across an app that belongs to someone other than whom it claims, please inform us at

For the case to be addressed, you need to provide us with the below information in the mentioned format:

1.    Name of app’s actual developer

2.    Link to original app and its package name

3.    Contact info, including your name, phone number, and email address (if you are not the developer of the app, please explain your relationship with them).

4.    Explain: a. Have the codes and database of the original app been misappropriated or has the app been published identically? b. Registration number of the app (if existing).

5.    In case the app has not been published identically, explain precisely what section(s) of it have been misappropriated and how laws have been violated.

6.    Link to the trespassing app, its name, version code (if necessary) and name of distributor.

7.    Add this statement: I am sure that the above-mentioned app is not open-source, and that its real developer has not authorized its distribution.

8.    Add this statement: Hereby I announce that I am entitled to pursuing this case on behalf of the owner of the app, and that the content of this report is true and correct.

9. Use your developer account email (if available) to correspond with

We may need to ask you for further information as occasion warrants.

In case the publisher of the app has repeatedly violated the law, Bazaar will close their developer account. If you believe a developer repeatedly violates the rules, please send us ample information for consideration.