Users Privacy

- The developer must protect the privacy and legal rights of users. User should be aware of the program's access to his / her personal information and be fully aware of operation that program does on this information. Programs should not use user information in suspicious, unspecified or undefined way.

- Program which are able to make call or send SMS or send images anonymously are not publishable on Bazaar.

- The use of program should not create hidden costs for user, for example, without a user's permission, send SMS or make phone call. All steps must be clearly communicated to user.

- Programs that based on legal definitions receive or publish confidential, sensitive, and personal information of others are not publishable on Bazaar.

- Programs that in any way are capable of encrypting information and sending it to someone else are not publishable on Bazaar.

- Programs that allow forging messages and call are not publishable on Bazaar.

- Note that information received from user will only be received in the same way as is explained to him.

The following guidelines can help you:

- To user clearly describe what your application receives or records, and what uses makes of them.

- Location data can only be used directly related to the feature and services provided to user in application.

- Place your description in the location where user would see it definitely.

- You can display your description in the first run of the program as an agreement.

Monitoring and Tracking Programs

Bazaar user should have full knowledge of the program he installs, especially as the program collects his personal information.

- In general, spyware and malware apps are not publishable on Bazaar. Introducing an app as a "spy or surveillance and secret tracking" program is against the rules.

- Programs that track behavior of user on device or have access to sensitive information from user should not be hidden from the beginning and without user's permission, or in the form of another application be placed in their program list, or in any way hide their use from user.

Misleading Changes in Device Settings

Programs should not modify settings or facilities of users’ devices outside of application environment without user consent.

Settings or features of device include browser and system settings, bookmarks, icons, and widgets.

Also, apps with these conditions are not allowed to be published on Bazaar:  

- Programs that modify the settings or features of device with user consent, but do so in a way that is not easily reversible.

- Programs that mislead user, direct him to remove or disable other programs, or modify settings or features of device.

- Programs that encourage or convince user to remove or deactive other apps, or modify settings or features of device. Unless this is part of security service of a reliable program like anti-viruses.