Boof: a place for developers’ contribution

14 June 2021

Have you ever faced any problems in the Bazaar Developers Panel and wanted to report? Or had any suggestions to improve the panel but couldn’t find a clear path to mention? Before, using support tickets was the only way to submit your requests and report the bugs in the panel. Now, Bazaar implemented a new solution to have more effective communication with its developers.

“Boof” is a new feature devised recently in the panel to understand developers’ voices better and respond to their demands. With this new solution, you can request your desired feature and check its inquiry status directly. Bazaar will consider your requests based on their significance and possibility. 

Bazaar’s technical team has always tried to deliver an optimum product to developers. With Boof, you can report the possible bugs in the panel easily. The bazaar will observe the flaws from your point of view and take action to resolve them.

Understanding developers’ demands is one of the advantages of Boof. Using this feature, you can share your requests and suggestions with other developers and become aware of their demands, too. You can also bookmark requests and reports to get updates about their progress status via email.

Observing the panel development process and its details is another advantage of Boof. Features that are being implemented, features that have already been implemented, and those that will be implemented in the future are all presented to you in Boof.

Listening to developers’ voices and understanding their demands have always been a concern to Bazaar. Boof has been implemented with the purpose of developers’ direct contribution to the improvement process of the panel. Your participation leads to a better product; therefore, submitting your comments in the Boof makes this goal more attainable. 
For further information, see Boof.