Device Specification: Multiple Packages in One Release

14 June 2021

To be successful as a developer, you should make your app available for all Android devices. But supporting all devices with different configurations in one package increases the package size. In this case, your application would not be available for all of your users easily. So, Bazaar has devised a new feature for you to have smaller-sized packages suitable for different devices to solve this problem.

“Uploading Multiple Packages In One Release” has been activated recently in the developers’ panel. Using this feature, you can upload packages with different configurations in a single release of your application. With this new feature, users will receive the most compatible version of your app with their devices’ SDK version and CPU architecture and get access to it.

Bazaar implemented this feature to decrease the application size and improve users’ experience. In this regard, more features will be released in the future. 
For further information, see “Multiple Packages in One Release.”