Supporting App Bundle on Bazaar

14 August 2021

Developers can publish their applications on Bazaar, using bundle format now. 

Bundle (.aab) is a new publishing format that includes all of your app’s compiled codes and resources. Bazaar uses your app bundle to generate and publish optimized packages for devices with different configurations. Publishing an application using the app bundle helps you accelerate your app's development process and save costs.

While using the bundle, you don’t need to build and manage APKs to have optimized applications for different devices, and users will receive smaller and more optimized apps. Moreover, you don’t need to change the codes and architecture of your application and can easily switch your publishing format from .apk to .aab.

When you publish your app with the app bundle format, the size of your application will be decreased by 15 percent. Finally, the smaller and more optimized apps lead to more installs and users’ satisfaction.

For more information, read “App Bundle.”