Developer API

Subscription Cancellation

This function cancels a subscription.<package_name>/subscriptions/<subscription_id>/purchases/<purchase_token>/cancel/

You should fill the values in the angle brackets according to your request:

Name Expected Value
package_name Package name of the app in which product of the request subscription is defined.
subscription_id SKU of the subscription product.
purchase_token Purchase token returned by Bazaar to app when subscription started. You can also use the token of any of the further billings of that subscription.

Note that you need a valid access_token to use this method.

If subscription is successfully cancelled, the result will be an empty JSON object:


In case of an error, you'll recieve a response with 40X status code, with a body of JSON object containing an error field which specifies the error and anerror_description field explaining the cause of error. For example, if the requested subscription is not found, the response would have a 404 status code and this content:

   "error": "not_found",
   "error_description": "The requested subscription is not found!",

If the subscription is cancelled or expired, or the product is not found, the request will result in an error, as mentioned earlier, with a value of invalid_value for error.