Paying attention to comments has always had positive results and has been a reason for applications developments. Also responding to these comments makes a desirable interactions between users and developers. In this regard we recommend developers to respond to users’ comments, paying attention to the following hints. Please note that if an answer lacks the following features, will not get published.

  • Using vulgar phrases
  • threatening the user in response 
  • Advertising for or against other apps or developers
  • contradictory content to social moralities
  • Violation of Islamic Republic of Iran Law
  • Political contents
  • Religious, persons or Ethnicities offenses 
  • Any sort of advertisements
  • Any sort of link
  • Requesting personal information
  • Phone number, site address, email and contact information(these informations belong to support section)
  • Users ID in different sites
  • Chat invitation
  • Unrelated answers
  • Using sentences such as: edit  your comment, rate, etc
  • Words such as: hack, proxy, VPN, etc
  • Responses not related to application
  • Referencing users to other sources of application download 
  • Mentioning other markets
  • Providing direct download link
  • mentioning other applications
  • Offer any incentives (coins, prizes, etc.) to download other apps
  • Mentioning discounts
  • A solicitation of comments for updates
  • Asking users for 5 star rate
  • Failure to provide the user with a solution if there are any problems with the application
  • Nonsense letters
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