Every application will be remembered by its name, find identity and searched in online search engines. Choosing the right name is the best way to introduce and making an application a brand. Choosing a suitable name will shorten the way to introduce an application to users. Before opting the name, it will be helpful to pay attention to characters of a good name. This is one of the conditions need to be satisfied in order to receive promotion in CafeBazaar.

Shortness: you can use up to 100 characters for the name of the application but names containing more than 16 characters might not be shown in different devices completely. If you choose the name around this number of characters means you considered professional criteria more. 

Delicacy in expressing program performance: for the name of an application, it is preferred not to directly mention functionality, instead define it in a more delicate manner. Name of the application is no place for illustrating its features. By giving too much information to users not only you will lose the attractiveness element, you will create a long and inelegant name. 

Unique and Memorable: do not use general and popular phrases. The more unique the name, the more memorable it will be. 

Comfy and familiar: do not use names that you have to repeat it for Audience. The unfamiliar names and complex word causes users, forget the application’s name. 

Pay attention to branding and avoiding utilizing popular brands: it is better to pay attention to every angle of branding your product while naming the application since this is one of the most influential steps. Utilizing other brand evocating your association to them is an inefficient approach for attracting users. Please avoid it and it is a violation of publication of applications rules.

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