The best opportunity to introduce your application or game is in the description. This is where those who are Hesitant become certain that the application has value. Also one of the conditions for promotion in cafe bazaar is suitable description.

The first sentences of the description, are the most important and influential ones since they are exposed directly for users. Another reason to point is users by reading these first sentences decide whether the application functionality is what they want or not. Keep in mind that reading the text continuously depends on the user's interest and will, which is why the initial sentences in the description can be very effective.

Description contains two parts: descriptions and short descriptions

Description: In this section, users will be introduced to your application functionality. Actually this is where users acquire your application features by reading it. When a user enters your page in CafeBazaar, at first, observes two short sentences and for keeping to read can click on “more” button. This section is so important that we recommend you avoid Dysfunctional introductions and use your most attractive description at the beginning.

Short description: This section is provided for users to recognize application function and should be summarized in one or two sentences so that users obtain a scheme by only a glimpse. This section has 60 characters limit.

Most important hints

1- Make a roster of most important features

Descriptions should be transparent in a way that defines your app functionality clearly. List your product top features so users understands them as fast as possible.

2- Avoid too much description

Usually users intend to find the application they need in the shortest time possible. In such circumstances, listing your app features cause seconds move in your favor. So avoid writing advertisements, comments, appreciation and a long list in the description section. Using such matters in this section causes users abort reading. 

3- Avoid submitting unrelated and illusive description

Utilization of wrong, illusive and exaggerated Description or mentioning unreal prices for inner products cause distrust of quality. Direct advertisement and asking users to submit comment cause users to discourage. Using some popular words but unrelated to product is an inefficient way of attraction. Please avoid these tricks strongly.

An instance of good description  

Diver's site and application is a platform for the free posting of advertisements and inquiries regarding the purchase and sale of new and used products.

With the Divar app, you can sell items or find the products you wish to purchase, from anywhere in the country, in a short time.

Products and services can be purchased or sold with the Divar app in a wide range of categories such as the ones listed below:

o   Houses, apartments and commercial retail space,

o   Transportation equipment including automobiles and buses,

o   Electronic equipment from mobile phones, laptops to televisions and refrigerators,

o   Home supplies ranging from furniture to carpets and portraits,

o   A variety of technical, medical and beauty services.

Some of the benefits of using Divar:

o   Over 180 categories of products and services,

o   The capacity to promote advertisements for greater audience engagement,

o   A built-in chat feature to connect buyers and sellers,

o   24/7 customer support,

o   Ease of use,

o   The most popular platform for direct sale and purchase.

Do you have any suggestions or complaints about the Divar app? You can contact us through the following:

Our customer service number: 021-8421151

Our customer service email address:

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