Categories have a key function in Cafe Bazaar. They help users easily and quickly browse for apps and games based on their needs. They also allow developers to convey the objective and function of their app to users in one word, facilitating maximum user appeal.

Developers can only choose one category for their app. They will therefore need to choose the most accurate and appropriate category, and to avoid making erroneous, misleading choices which would nevertheless go against Cafe Bazaar app publishing rules.

To choose which category is most appropriate for your product, try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the principal objective of your app? The target category should offer the best and fittest description of the function and subject of your product.

  • In what categories do users usually look for apps similar to yours? Look at your app through the eyes of the user and see through his need. In what category do you think they would look for your product?

  • What category do apps similar to yours go in? A brief investigation into this would give you the best choice.

In order to choose the fittest category, please study the following tables.

App categories



Forecasting weather, announcing air pollution status, as well as on natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquake


Recipes for food and confections, restaurant and cafe guide, online food ordering, and food-related social apps

Cuisine and restaurants

Curriculums of education grades, language learning, related laws, public culture, general and specialist knowledge, and education topics


Small tools for performing certain simple, daily tasks; including widgets, browsers, keyboard, flashlight, calculator, and compass


Banking activities, accounting and computing, capital and stock exchange, paying bills and buying credit, calculating prices, locating banks, and economic information


Making voice or video calls, sending messages, communication management tools, as well as recording or blocking calls or messages


News feed, newspapers, magazines and news agencies, as well as following news and articles on general or specialist topics

News & magazines

Online shops, booking cultural and artistic events, ads and classified ads, direct purchase, and commodity price announcement


Information on diseases and treatments, medical counselling, properties of herbal and chemical drugs, examination tools, locating drugstores and healthcare centers


Map and city directions, cab and pickup hauling, technical and legal issues on vehicles, and traffic information


Fashion, garment, cosmetics, decoration, communication traditions, and charity


Collections of messages, wishes, and jokes, funny and attractive videos, children’s hobbies, puzzles and riddles, horoscope and astrology


Tourism information, tours, tour guide, travel planning and tools, maps of roads and tourist attractions, hotel and flight booking, and conversation for tourists

Travel and local

Iranian, international, and niche social networks, enhancement tools for such apps



Background pictures and tools for changing device (smartphone and tablet) display and theme according to personal needs and taste


Camera and other photography tools, photo editing tools, collage, and common filters


Useful apps with various options to help perform complicated tasks with ease, scheduling and improving efficiency in a variety of areas, as exemplified by to-do lists and multi-functional calendars


Fiction, poetry, specialized literature, comic strips and illustrated stories, dictionary and reference books

Books & reference

Job hunting, revenue generation, job planning, and useful business tools


The Quran, Sharia, hadith, sermons, eulogy, and religious education


Instrument lessons, music players, voice recording, sound editing and mixing, podcasts, and other apps with audio content

Music and audio

Properties of foods and diets, fitness training methods, fitness exercises, mental health, relaxation, and healthy lifestyles

Fitness and nutrition

Sport news and information, sports polls, match forecasting and results, sports training


Tools for downloading, creating, and editing films, video channels, live casting, film archive, video-based education

Video and media

Game categories



Education-based games, especially for children


Planning, managing, and making sophisticated use of limited forces and resources to push agenda through and win


Games that involve a lot of movement, are exciting and challenging, and involve fighting with cold weapons and firearms, either traditional or modern


Score-based games with the option to grow difficult and challenging


Easy-to-play and simple games played as brief pastime


Quite games such as board games and multiplayer games for various ages, children in particular


In-city, road, and trace races for automobile and motorcycle


Simulation of real phenomena as game, such as designing and developing cities, farms, objects, and living creatures


Crosswords, word-making, and general knowledge

Word & quiz

Games that are full of adventure, accompanied by quizzes and story mysteries in different lands and situations


Solving quizzes and riddles to progress game, get scores, and win


Playing various sports, such as fencing, soccer, basketball, and tennis