"Developers Title"

You can choose a title to be shown under your apps’ name in CafeBazaar. As it is shown in the picture below:

Users by clicking on this title will be directed to developer’s personal page where all apps developed by you can be found. 

Every developer or developer team will be known by this title among users. Choosing the right title for the developer plays an important role in introducing the team and its product applications to users better. Before selecting a title, please note the following:

Shortness: length of this title can be up to 250 characters but remembering long titles is hard. So the shorter the title, the longer it will remain in mind. 

Product introduction: as an example, when a user sees the developer title “gamers”, all he expects to find in developers page are games.

Special and memorable: for this title do not choose general and informal words or your name. The more special your title, the more memorable it will become. 

Please note, titles which include the following will not be approved:

  • Impolite phrases
  • Containing advertisement: free, off, best, …
  • links and URLs of other sites
  • Abusing famous names and brands
  • contact number
  • Suggesting an associate relationship with another brand, company or organization. For example: Second telegram: this name suggest that there exist a relation between the app developer and telegram


Go to your panel to select the developer title and go to the "Developer titles" section in the "Settings" menu.