The third section of this system is “Campaigns”. For each of your applications you can run a campaign separately. Please note that it is aldo possible to run several campaigns for an application for different purposes. 



Creating a new campaign

To create a new campaign, please choose “New campaign” button..



  • Name: Choose a name as you wish for your campaign. This name is editable.

  • Package name: If you have several applications in your panel, Choose one of them for the campaign. There exists no limit on number of campaigns for an application.

  • Status: In this page you can make sure whether your campaign starts working right after the creation or suspend until you choose to activate the campaign.

  • Date: By choosing the date, you can define the start and end of the campaign.

  • Choose “Create Button”

Campaign Detail

This page contains different section: Information, Keywords, Stats, Notifications, and Campaign finance.


Information Header

In this subsection, basic information of your campaign is shown. By clicking on “edit”, you can change some of the information in this section. 

Campaign name: The name of the campaign is always editable.

Campaign Budget: You can observe your campaign budget.

Status: In this section it is possible to active or pause the campaign.

Campaign Date: The campaign time interval is updatable.

Tracker: If you are using one of the Trackers such as Metrix, Adjust, and Adtrace, you can add a link here.


This subsection contains two parts: “Bids”, “Negative Keywords”

In Bids parts, You can add Words that you wish to be shown as advertised. 


By choosing new Bid Button a window will be opened as depicted in the following picture with some suggestions.

  • Query: A word that you wish to add for advertisement. By searching the query by users, your application will be shown.

  • I want to participate in the auction of similar queries: By activating this option, you will allow the system to show your application if you win similar auctions too.

  • Price offer per install: the least possible amount for bidding is 7500 Rial for each install. If you choose any number less than this amount, the System will show you a warning. The search-ad Mechanism is second bid auction. This means you will win in a bid by proposing the highest price but the amount you pay for each install is the second highest price.

In negative keywords subsection you can add queries that you do not want to advertise at all. 

States of a Query

We have five different status for a Query.

  • Pending: After creating a Bid the query’s status is “Pending”. Cafebazaar checks if the chosen query is relative to the application's content.

  • Rejected: If the query is not related to the service or contents of the application, the status of it changes to rejected. 

-Winner: After assessing different elements and features by cafebazaar at each moment announces the winner. This state means your query is the winner. Being the winner depends on the Bid, applications quality, and number of users clicks. 

*Cafebazaar tries to consider equality alongside users satisfaction so winning in the auction does not necessary means showing your application to 100 percent of users and deciding about this percentage is by cafebazaar.

** Cafebazaar Observes click rate of the winner application. If during a specific period, which is different for every query, click rate decline to a specific number, search ad system eliminates the winner and the second application will be shown as advertisement. 

*** If the highest bid gets proposed by n different developers at the same time, the query traffic divides for them equally.

Loser: A query in this state has not matched cafebazaar criteria and as a result, the query would not work. If not proposing the highest price is the problem, by changing the price you might win the auction for that query.

Alerted: As was mentioned above, one of cafebazaar’s criteria for analysing a query is click rate. If the click rate of a query does not satisfy the minimum requirement, the state of the query changes from winner to allerted.

Installation chart: This chart provides a visual description of the received installations as the result of searching the query. 

Average install Cost: For each installation of the app you pay a price. Since this system works as second auction and the second price can change over time, Cost for each installation is presented as an average.

Installs: This number shows the total installs received as result of searching the query.

Impression: Shows the number of advertisements shown for this query

Conversion rate: The rate of shown advertisements dominated by installation number. 


If you click on a query a new menu is shown containing:

Price: What you proposed at the time of submitting your bid.

‌Broad Auctioning: shows whether the option is active or not.

Stop: this button can be used to stop a query in the campaign.

Delete: This button eliminates the query from campaign.

Edit: In this section you can change price or active or deactive broad auction



After entering this section you can see that statistics are presented in two different ways. 

Overall statistics

In this page you encounter two graphs. The upper one shows trend of installation and Impression parameters within the campaign. Comparing these two parameters give you a perspective of whether the campaign is successful or not. Also you can check their graphs separately too by clicking on their names in statistics section. These graphs are shown in last week, last month, and the last three months.