Developers' FAQ


How can I trust in the statistic of sell?

We present real-time statistics right now. You can testify these statistics by purchasing your app and observing them at the moment.


Why the settlement process is just once a month?

We need to do the process just through the banks’ branches. As a result, this is a time-consuming process and we need to avoid it as much as possible.


I have published my app before, but I need to make some changes. Is it possible?

Yes. You can make all the changes you like, such as descriptions, images and price through developers’ panel.


I’ve uploaded my app in Cafebazaar. How long does it take to be reviewed?

Publishing the apps takes 5 working days or less. (Thursdays and Fridays are not working days)


What apps are not allowed to be published in Cafebazaar?

The apps which compete against Cafebazaar and sell or offer digital contents such as music or books and the low-quality apps are not acceptable in Cafebazaar. In addition to it, the apps shall observe laws and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran.


If I publish my app in Bazaar, is there any guarantee that it won’t be copied and published without considering copyright?

There is no guarantee. We’ve spent too much time on our first app FarsiTel Calendar to make sure it won’t be copied, and we regret it now. We should have trusted our users. Cafebazaar’s users appreciate developers’ efforts and don’t get the apps but through Cafebazaar. We’ve experienced it during the years. Additionally, we’ve done our best to facilitate purchasing process and it helps decreasing probability of getting the apps through other channels. You can also help us by appropriate pricing and using economies of scale.


Although I’ve done many modifications, my app is rejected and there is no firm reason for it. What can I do about it?

If you are strongly dissatisfied with Cafebazaar’s system and you couldn’t find a proper way to communicate us, please inform us through


Some of my app’s users have faced some difficulties and mentioned them in the comments. How can I reply and help them?

You can reply them through your panel. The responses will be sent to their emails.


Is it possible to observe my free apps’ installs statistics?

The installs number is calculated by random sampling and is not exact. As you can see, downloads number and installs number are different. Downloads number is always increasing and doesn’t give you very useful information but active installs number help you understand how many android devices have you app installed on them. This method is typical in famous app market places too and it is not usual to present exact numbers.