After signing up as a developer in CafeBazaar, a panel will be assigned to you which is exclusively yours and You will be able to keep track of all activities related to your developer's account through this panel such as managing your apps, payments and contact Bazaar and the users. The details and explanations are as below.

Apps menu

On right hand side menu the first option is “Applications”. In this section  you can overview the publish status of the apps, their prices, approximate installations and user ratings of your apps separately. Installations number are calculated approximately. You can easily manage each of your apps by clicking on them.

"New App" button

You can upload new apps by clicking on "New App" button. After clicking on "New App" button a new window will be opened containing two tabs. The first tab is “new app” and the second is “new inline app”. In “new app” tab, the first field shows the categories that developer can choose from for the application he/she intend to upload and the second field only shows developer’s title. After picking the suitable category you can upload the apk file of the application. Please note The file format must be APK and other formats such as zip or rar are not acceptable. When uploading process has finished you can choose “create app” button. At this stage the publication status of your app will be shown as “uploaded”. Please click on the application name to enter the application’s page. In this page you can manage everything related to this app. 

App Publish Request

After completing app information and uploading packages you want, send us your app publish request. You can do this by clicking on “App Publish Request” in the top bar.

App states

The apps can have different states:

  • Uploaded: You've just uploaded your app and haven't clicked on "publish request" button yet or You've clicked on "Cancel app publish request" button or "unpublish" button.
  • Pending publication: App is waiting to be processed for publishing, this might take up to 5 working days. (Thursdays and Fridays are not working days)
  • Needs changes: In order to publish your app, you need to make some changes which has been sent to you by email.
  • Rejected: Your app was rejected for violating our publishing guidelines. You could check your inbox to find more details.
  • Removed: An app that has been published before, but it's unpublished by Bazaar now.
  • Ready to publish: An app which is ready to be published.
  • Published: An app which is published on Bazaar and users have access to it

Automatic/Manual Publishing

Your app will be automatically published on Cafebazaar after publishing process. If you want to manually publish your app, deactivate auto publish when requesting app publish; or after sending your app publish request, click on “Cancel Automatic Publishing” button in app page. After that you can publish your app anytime you desire.

To manually publish an app, click on “Publish App” button in app page. Note that due to syncing delays among Cafebazaar servers it may take up to 3 hour to see your app in Bazaar.

Unpublish a Published App

If you want to unpublish a published app of yours, you can go to your app page by clicking on its name in “Applications” menu and click on “Unpublish App” at the top of the page.

If you need to publish it again, you can click again on “Request App Publish” in app page.

Notice that the app will not be published in the first page and the published time will be like before removing. And when you unpublish an app and request app publish again, it will take time for your app to publish again.

Archive an App

After unpublishing your app or when you just uploaded it and not requested app review yet (in “Uploaded” state from app states), if you want to no longer see the app in apps list in your panel, you can archive it. To do this, click “Archive App” from the top bar. Consider that archiving an app will cut off all your accesses to it and it will be removed from your apps list. Also, you can't use archived apps' Package Names in your new apps.

"Information tab"

In this tab you can enter or edit information relating to the app. Please note these information will be published in the app download page.

In “Basic Information” part, you can change your app's basic info (Name, description and category). This part fields are necessary to be filled. Please pay attention that apps' names are unique and an app with a repetitive name can’t be published in Bazaar.

User Support Information

It's possible to update the ways your app users contact you from “User Support Information” part.

Your number, email address and website are used to make users of your app able to contact you. It's necessary to enter an email address in this part.

These information will be shown in your app page, enabling users to contact you.


You can change your app’s price in "Pricing" part in “Information” tab. Click on “Change Price” to save the new price. Notice that it's forbidden to change the free app that once were published to paid app.

For paid apps, pricing should be according to determined prices. The purpose of this is to create a user-friendly experience while searching in cafebazaar by observing a less variety of prices and easier comparison between prices. Prices starts from 1000 toman and will be increased 1000 toman at each step.

"Media" tab

In "Media" tab, you can manage your app media (Including icon, screenshots and video). Please notice that uploading an icon and at least 1 screenshot is necessary.

Video for apps can be defined as an aparat link.

"Packages" tab

For uploading a new version of your app, choose your app from the app list in the first tab named "Applications". In the app page choose tab "Packages" and after that click on the "New Package" button. Fill in the "Changelog" boxes, which are the descriptions about the features of your app’s new version.

Please pay attention that the new version’s package name should be the same as the previous one and its version code should be more.

In this page you can also see some specifications about previous versions of this app like: version code and version name, upload date and the state of the package.

"Transactions" tab

In this section you can see the details of your products purchased by CafeBazaar’s users. Details such as transaction time, amount and token number.

"Inline settings" tab

In this tab you can define an inline form off your app.for more information, please refer to this document.

"In-App Purchase"

In-app Billing is a Bazaar service that lets you sell digital content from inside your applications. You can use the service to sell a wide range of content, including downloadable content such as media files or photos, virtual content such as game levels or potions, premium services and features, and more. To help you integrate in-app billing into your application, a documentation is provided here.

"RSA" key

Before defining a product you have to implement this RSA key. For implementation, you can refer to this document.


In in-app billing tab, click on the “new product” button. In the opened window you can define the new product. Please note that SKU should be unique and you can not edit or remove a SKU after submitting it. 

"Review" tab

In this tab you get access to the users comments, with some information including SDK version, the version of your app that the comment is about, the exact time of the comment. You can reply to them and your responses will be sent to their email addresses and will be displayed in app page in Bazaar. You can only reply published comments.

You can also report inappropriate comments. Consider that comments against your app are not necessarily inappropriate.

By using Filters section you can filter comments as you wish using the date, app version, android version and rating range.

"Stats builder" tab

In this tab you can observe the related diagram and stats. You can see your app's active installations, total sales and invoices (for non-free apps) and ratings in the left side of the page. Also daily active installation diagram is shown .

As you can see, downloads counts, daily installs counts, and active installs counts are different. Downloads counts is always increasing and doesn’t give you very useful information. So we chose to make use of daily installs counts and active installs counts instead. Daily installs counts helps you to understand how many android devices have your app installed on them on a certain date. Also, we count an install active, if its corresponding device has been connected to the internet at least one in the past two months.

You can also find out about your app's visit statistics by referrals. This filter means how the user visits your application page, with a description of each of these referrals below:

Related Page: Users who have visited your app page from other app details page such as "Related apps", "Others installed" or "Similar apps" lists are counted in this category.

Download Page: This category counts users who have visited the downloads page of your app's homepage.

Developer Page: Users who have visited the page of your other apps have visited this particular app's page.

Category: users who have entered your app page from the category.

Home Page: Users who have entered your app page from the first page of the cafebazaar are categorized.

Other: This filter is relevant when a user is referred to your app from anywhere other than "Search, related apps, developer page, category or homepage". For example, you might put an app download link on your website or blog and the user will be directed to your app's page in the cafebazaar and will install the app.

"Finance" menu


"Settlement" part leads you to settlements page where you can follow the details of your settlement with Bazaar. 

"History" tab

In this tab you can access records of your payments.

"Setting" tab

For refining, you need to enable the automatic settlement option and enter SHABA number corresponding to your bank account. The billing will be closed at the end of the month and within the first 5 business days of the next month you will receive your payment. The amount payable to domestic developers is at least 50,000 Toman and for foreign developers is at least $ 2,000. Please note that Account Settlement Amount less than these amounts will be deposited at the end of the year.deposition only take place for those whose apps has been published for at least 2 weeks. At the end of the last day of each month, there must be correct SHABA corresponding to the owner of  the developer account. the developer is responsible for entering the wrong SHABA.

Sale Statistics and Reports

"Sale Statistics & Reports" part enables you to get more accurate statics from your apps and products.

"Sales invoice"

Here you can download your unofficial sales invoices. Iranian legal entities are obliged to send Café Bazaar their invoices filled according to these files, after each settlement.

"Sales file"

You can download the Excel file, containing sales information of all your apps within the selected time interval. The maximum selected time range is 3 months.

"Sales chart"

In this page you are able to get a graphic look of your sales.


"Start advertisement"

In this page you can see the search-ad contract of CafeBazaar. All developers who work in cafebazaar,  after signing up, acknowledge a contract between cafe bazaar and themselves. The reason for signing a new contract in this page is some developers might never use this service. On the other hand, there are some issues requiring a specific attention. Those who wish to use this service, besides considering the developers contract should obey the legal contract of "Displaying Digital Content in Search of the Café bazaar".


"Transactions tab"

In this page you can see a history of your search ad credit purchases or buy credits. 

"Search ad invoices Tab"

In this tab You can download your search ad invoice for a custom interval.


 In this page you can launch a new campaign And start biding.


"Subscription Status"

In this section you can find out the expiration date of your subscription or the payment date for this subscription.

"Publisher info"

This page consists of three sections. General Information, National Information, Contact Information. 

General Information

Email address, account type, and developer country are visible here. Note that this information cannot be changed and you should contact the support of cafe bazaar developers in this regard.

National Information,

This should include a clear, colorful and transparent image, and the full name and national identification code must be entered correctly.

Contact Information

In this section you can write your contact information. This information includes the contact number, work or residence address, and postal code associated with the address. Note that all postal items must be listed at the postal address, including the name of the province, the name of the city, the name of the street, the name of the alley, the plaque and the house number.

Contract Information

"Contract Information" part leads you to your contract with Bazaar


To manage your account and apps in CafeBazaar you can add personnel as agents. Since agents have different responsibilities you can limit each agent’s access to different parts of the panel. As an example, you can add an agent with support access for some apps so the agent can see or reply to comments for those apps while other parts of the panel are hidden for the agent. 

By choosing “New agent” button, you can enter the agent's email address. 

There are two types of access for agents: General access, App-related access

General access provides access to those parts of the panel not related to a specific app, and are listed as follows:

New app: uploading a new app

Editing developers public information: public profile and Developer ID

Financial Information: Includes Contract, Sales Charts, Sales File, Invoices and Settlements

Editing financial information: Includes contract and banking information 

App-related access can be limited to some apps only. These are as follows:

Edit app info: Basic info, price, images and support info

Publishing: Changing publishing status, pricing, and access to ads

Development: Upload and edit packages and create and edit in-app products

Statistics: Access to visit, installation and sales statistics

Support: Includes app comments

"Developer Titles"

In this page you can edit the developers title. This will be shown in your apps download page and users by clicking on this title will be guided to your page where all apps developed by you can be found. Since users will keep this title in mind, we advise you not to change it.

Developer ID

Cafebazaar’s "Developer ID" is a unique string, selected by developer only once and forever. Using this ID, a developer can refer to his/her page on Bazaar app and/or Cafebazaar website.

For instance, if the “Developer ID” of a developer is example; his/her page can be accessed at:

In this page, the list of applications published by the developer will be shown. To get started with using this ID for referring to the list of your apps in Bazaar app read Bazaar’s Intent Guide.

You can determine your developer ID in "Developer ID" part. Please note that your chosen ID must be similar to your Public Profile’s English name and must be approved by Cafebazaar. The review process of approving an ID may take up to 2 working days.

Rules of creating Cafebazaar Developer ID:

  • The selected ID can only contain lower case english letters (a-z), digits (0-9), dashes(-) and underscores (_).
  • The selected ID must not be less than 5 characters long.
  • The selected ID must be similar to your Developer Public Profile Name. Irrelevant IDs will be rejected.

"Change Password"

You can change your password through this section.

"Developers API"

Here you can add new client to access developers API or remove previous ones. Using this API you can keep track of your apps sales and status of purchases and subscriptions through your personal server. 

Using this API is not a necessity and most of the time you can manage your users purchases and subscriptions. But in case, if you have lots of apps and products, this API can be beneficial. For more information please refer to this document.


Here you can ask your question by selecting the topic you are looking for and then selecting the Subject or during weekdays (Saturday to Wednesday) from 8 am to 12 pm Contact the Café bazaars Developers Support Unit, then submit your request to provide the guidance you need.

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