To be on a successful path for application growth, releasing new features in regular intervals is necessary. Still, there is always a doubt whether the new feature is worth updating the application or not. 

With the staged rollout feature, developers can release an app update to a limited set of users and after receiving positive feedback, deliver the update to more users. Finally, all of the app users can receive the update. 

Staged rollout allows you to test the function, bugs, stability, and user experience of the app update with the help of a limited set of users and release the update to all of your users after checking the result and solving the problems. 

How to release an update with a staged rollout? 

  • To release a staged rollout update, you must have at least 5000 active installs, i.e., you cannot use staged rollout in the initial release of your application.

To roll out a release, open the “releases” tab in the Bazaar developers panel and select the “new release.” You can determine the staged rollout percentage at the bottom of the staged rollout menu. 

  • Staged rollout percentage specifies the chance of receiving the package for each user while updating or installing. For example, when you set the percentage bar at 10, only 10 percent of your users can install the update. 
  • After releasing a staged rollout, your package goes on a waiting list to get confirmation. You can still increase or decrease your rollout percentage in this stage. 
  • You can increase the staged rollout percentage or cancel the whole process any time after the release. 
  • After getting confirmation and releasing the package, you can increase the rollout percentage, but you cannot decrease it. 
  • Increasing the rollout percentage does not require Bazaar confirmation and will be activated immediately after your verification.
  • If you set the rollout percentage at 100 percent, all of your users will receive the package, and there would be no staged rollout in this condition.
  • By canceling the staged rollout, new users will not receive the new package some time after your request, but those who have previously received the package can use it until the next update. 
  • If you have already started a staged rollout for an application and want to activate another one, set the active rollout at 100 percent, or cancel it. 

If you have any questions, please contact Bazaar support team. 

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