Whenever you intend to introduce or advertise a product uploaded on CafeBazaar, you need to use this badge. Please consider following hints:

  • In this badge the background is black, the writings are white and the CafeBazaar logo is in the original color. Please always use this logo for all backgrounds. Never change this badge and make sure to use the new badge.

  • Use the badge to the extent that the text inside it is easily readable. The minimum resolution for online usage is 40 pixel and for printed version is 10mm.

  • Do not use this badge alone and do not rotate, angle or compress this badge. 

  • This badge is available only in persian and english. If you wish to use it in another language, contact us, CafeBazaar will provide the badge for you.

  • This badge should only be used for introduction or advertisement for a product existed in CafeBazaar.

  • For online utilization of this badge, you have to link it to the page of the product in CafeBazaar. Using the badge without a link has no use. To obtain the link of a product, enter cafebazaar.ir and after finding the product, copy the related URL and link it to the badge. 

To obtain the code, enter the Url in the "application address page", click on "create code" and copy the code from this window and put it in your webpage.


Download persion version eps

Download persion version png

Download english version eps

Download english version png