For creating a developer account, follow this procedure by a computer using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox browsers:

1- enter Developer’s Page in CafeBazaar and click on “Register”.

2- In the first field enter your email address ( and in the second and third field enter a password then click on register. The key to enter your panel is this password, please remember it. Note that the email address will not be editable in the future.

3- After a moment please check your inbox. A letter is sent to you containing a link which will direct you to activation page. Please check you spam if you did not find the mail in your inbox.

Account type

In the first stage of your registration, as is depicted in the picture, account type and the country is specified. If you wish to create a personal developer account, choose natural and if you wish to work as company choose legal. After specifying this field you will not be able to edit it again.

Attention: Creating a legal account by a personal email address is not possible. Legal account should be created by a verified company email address only.

In the second stage please enter your information and upload a picture of your identity card and click on submit.

In the third stage please fill in the public profile. These information will be publicly shown. 

Developers title: This title can contain Persian and English characters, numbers, space and half-space. It has 32 character limit. Developers title is shown beneath application title and if users choose it, they will be directed to a page containing all the developer’s applications.

In the next page please enter the code sent to the phone number you have submitted before.

 After entering the code, the successful registration message will be shown to you and since then you can use your panel.

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