While purchasing an item I see the error of 404! What is the problem? 

This error happens when the app’s package name or the SKU that you’ve requested doesn’t exist on Bazaar.  

I previously published an application on Cafe Bazaar without In-App Purchase, now I want to add In-App Purchase to this app. Is it necessary to upload a new application for this purpose?

For adding IAP, you don’t need to upload a new application. You should go to "In-App Purchase" in your panel and choose "Manage IAP". In this new page, look for your app's package name and for receiving the public key, click on RSA. Now you can define the products. For more information, you can visit the IAP documentation.

Will the user's purchases be restored after re-installing an IAP enabled application or does he have to pay again?  

For consumable products such as coins in a game, since for these products a consume request will be sent (so that the user can buy them again), the purchase information will be deleted. So when a user uninstalls and then installs an application, there is no purchase history of these products and the user will have to buy them again. But for non-consumable products (like upgrading to the ad-free version or the active subscriptions), the data is stored in Cafe Bazaar and there is no need to buy them again after re-installing the app. For more information about different product types, the purchase and consume flows, you can take a look at the related documentations on Cafe Bazaar website.

Can I use both an In-App purchase and the advertisement in my application?

Yes, you can use both.

Can the developer's API be used for making the purchases or is it only for reviewing the payments?

This API is only for reviewing the purchases and subscriptions.

How can I test the in-app purchase before publishing my app?

In the payment panel, products/services, define your in-app purchase products. For testing these products, put their price to zero Rial. Please pay attention that you can’t remove the in-app purchase items or change their IDs after defining them, you can just de-activate them. After implementation and the final test, you can upload the final version (which has a version code higher than the first version) in Cafe Bazaar’s developer panel and send the publish request.

How can I test a non-consumable product that each user can buy once?

You can buy the non-consumable products from different accounts.

Can I change the in-app purchase prices within the code?

No, users will pay the price that you have defined in the payment panel.

Can I change the price of in-app purchases after the application is published?

Yes, you can change the in-app purchase prices in the payment panel, products/services.

Why is there a limitation of 1000000 Rial for in-app purchase prices in the panel?

Right now, you can set a price between 1000 Rial to 1000000 Rial for the in-app purchase items. If this isn’t possible, be sure that your keyboard’s language is set to English.

I want to set a price more than 100000 Rial to the in-app purchase product in my application. How can I do that?

You should send the related explanation to and our developer support team will review your request.

How many in-app purchase items I can define in my application?

There is no limitation in the number of in-app purchase products in one application.

If an in-app purchase application is moved to another Android device, will the in-app purchases be restored or should they be bought again in the new device? In other words, if I restrict the main sections of the application with in-app purchases, can it still be copied illegally?

By installing the app on a new device, only the user's non-consumable purchases and the subscriptions can be restored, if the user is logged into his Cafe Bazaar account on this new device. So this will limit the illegal use of your application. Also, Cafe Bazaar de-activates the suspicious accounts which are used on multiple devices.

Can I check the in-app purchase of Cafe Bazaar without uploading the app in the panel?

No, you can implement the API but you can only make the payments if the application is uploaded in the panel.

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